Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Real World - Kilimanjaro! (Opening Credits)

This is the true story... of four (almost) strangers... who agreed to live in a tent...climb Kilimanjaro together and have their lives taped and photographed... to find out what happens... when people stop breathing oxygen... and start getting real loopy...The Real World – KILIMANJARO!

Location: Machame Route, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
Dates: June 5-11, 2010


Sandra Igel - Sandra is also known as Leonardo, The Angry German, and Sandy Pants. She hails from Deutschland, which is Germany for all of us Anglos. After spending 2 years in Vermont and another 6 in London, Sandy is moving on from her hectic life in hotel operations at the Four Seasons. Career break for Sandy includes The Philippines and Tanzania before moving back to Germany. She earned the name “Angry German” during an incident involving a mosque and a shady tour guide.

Jessica Motyl – That’s me! During this season of The Real World – Kilimanjaro, I was known as Michelangelo, The Raunchy American, and the Pocket Rocket. I was born in the D, but now live in paradise (San Diego). My trip to Tanzania was due to an unplanned career break that turned out for the best! I earned the name “Raunchy American” during the climb. 7 days with no showers and limited oxygen turned my language into that of a truck driver. Who are we kidding; I usually speak like a truck driver! (Sorry Mom)

Rohit Roopchand – Also known as Donatello, The Horny Indian, Roadhead, and Double Ro 7. Some would consider Ro, the lone male of our climbing group (excluding guides, cooks, porters), a brave man for climbing a mountain with 3 women. Those who know better realize that this is actually Ro’s dream come true. Nicknamed ‘The Horny Indian,’ Ro likes the ladies. Born in India, schooled in India, Nigeria, the UK and the US, Ro has been gracing the US of A with is presence for the past 12 years. Despite his multinational upbringing, the Ro Hit Wonder is now the definition of New York City….he was the only one out of the group that brought a mirror!!!

Melissa Sweeney – Melissa goes by the following aliases: Raphael, The Crazy Aussie, Sweens, and Mel. Hailing from Perth, Australia, Mel is a P.E. and health teacher. She is full of hilarious stories, challenging mind teasers, and creative songs – all of which would make some (especially our guides) think she was crazy! She is best known for the jackhammer and her newly penned climbing song. To the tune of “Louie Louie,” – Pole Pole, Oh Oh – Haraka Haraka, Haina Baraka! (Slow Slow, Oh Oh, Hurrying has no blessings).

Supporting Cast:

Hans and Daan – Father and son team from The Netherlands. Daan decided (with a little pressure from Pops) that he wanted to climb Kilimanjaro as his secondary school graduation present. Hans and Daan were also on the 7 day Machame Route

Ash and Ravi - Fellow Wolverines that we met on Day 2. They were doing the 6 day Machame route, so we only hiked with them the first 4 days. Proof that it is a small world…not only were these boys graduates of the greatest University in the world, but Ash grew up in Troy! CRAZY!

Captain America and Doc – I think their names were Cody and Alex, but Captain America and Doc worked for us. These brothers were hiking with Ash and Ravi…and from Arkansas. Enough said. Other than the fact that Mel was in love with Captain America.


Guides – Antipas, Macho, and Baraca

Cook - Linus

Porters - There were 11 of them, but the one that really stuck out was Vincent (aka Gorilla, Super Gorilla, Stone Face, Doggy Dog)

Stay tuned for Episode 1 (Day 1) of The Real World – Kilimanjaro!

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