Monday, April 21, 2008

Peanuts and Cracker Jacks

Yesterday was TCSD Softball day. Softball?!?!? Yes, you read that correctly. On Sunday afternoon, a bunch of us tri-geeks tried our hands at a team sport.

This was pretty exciting for me because:

1) We were playing at the park across the street from my condo complex...There are never any workouts in my neck of the woods!!!
2) I've been wanting to play softball since my glory days in high school

I learned:
1) Don't forget to put on sunblock
2) It may not be the best idea to do a 9 mile run in the canyons just prior to the game
3) I'm not in high school anymore! I used some muscles I forgot I had! I'm paying for it today.....
4) I'm afraid of the ball (It's amazing how easily you lose that confidence in going for grounders)
5) I no longer have depth perception....where the hell is that ball going?
6) A trip to the batting cages would be good (see below). Am I bunting, or am I hacking away at something? Neither! Maybe I should stick to triathlon! :)