Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ironman Arizona Training Begins.....I now have a coach!

As of May 27, I am officially training for my first Ironman. Less than 6 months until the big day. I have found that to maintain my busy lifestyle, there are things I need to cooking (I eat out most evenings of the week), and my cleaning (I wish...I just don't clean). To make things even easier for myself, I have decided to outsource my training plan and work with a coach for IMAZ.

I met Mike Plumb, my coach, shortly after moving to San Diego. He's a top-age grouper, mad cyclist (so, so, so fast), and experienced coach. My friend Jen has been working with him for the past six months, and I saw the crazy improvments she has made, so I figured this could be a great thing for me as well. Plus, this will keep me from second-guessing my own training strategy. I'm looking forward to this journey. Here's a peek at my first week's schedule....

Tuesday: 4 mile run
Wednesday: AM: Swim (2500 yds), PM: 20 mile bike
Thursday: 4 mile am run
Friday: AM pool swim or PM cove swim (I did both...2000 yds in am, 800 yds in pm)
Saturday: 45 mile bike
Sunday: 10 mile run

The first 6 weeks will be tough, because I have class two nights a week. Come July, I have 8 weeks off of school, and then when I start back in the fall, I'll only have one night a week. By then, I should be used to the early AMs. 4:45 is VERY early, but I've learned that I don't need to stay up to 11 pm every night playing on Facebook or watching mindless TV. Bedtime is 9:30/10:00 from now on.

More updates to come...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The TCSD Saturday Morning Ride

For the past three years, most of my Saturday mornings start bright and early at the Del Mar Starbucks for the infamous TCSD Saturday Morning Ride. Depending on the time of year, and what I'm racing for, and the weather (we don't really like the rain here in San Diego) this ride has several options:
  • Del Mar Starbucks to Carlsbad Starbucks and back - 30 miles
  • Del Mar Starbucks to Oceanside Harbor and back- 40 miles
  • Del Mar Starbucks to (or past) Las Pulgas gate (through Camp Pendleton) and back - 60-80 miles
  • Sometimes we even ride an inland hilly loop (Del Dios, Harmony Grove, Elfin Forest, San Elijo, La Costa, and back (well, really a loop) - 47 miles

As painful as this ride can be (especially when we do 70 miles + hills), this is a high point in my week. I know I'll be with friends and have good conversation, the coastal views will be stunning, and Starbucks will be waiting for me at the finish. :)